What is a school counselor?


          What is a School Counselor?

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A school counselor is a type of helper in the school. The primary goal of a school counselor at the elementary level is prevention. My objective is to help all students learn basic life skills and help your child have a successful school year. Character Education is an important objective we will cover throughout the year as well. Often times, non-academic issues can get in the way of a student’s learning (especially during these early developmental years). Addressing these issues can help your child to succeed in school!

Some of the things counselors address with students, parents, and staff are:
Feelings, self esteem, behavior, death/loss, safety, friendship, homework, bullying, conflicts, listening and following directions, transitions, healthy behaviors, honesty, accepting others, separation/divorce, and more!

School Counseling is a short term resource. If there are greater issues that need extensive attention, I will be glad to assist you in finding an outside counselor to work with your child. I in turn can maintain contact with your student’s counselor or therapist to ensure that therapeutic goals are supported here in school.