Class Rules and Policies

Fifth Grade Conduct Plan:  2018-2019 School Year


Students will begin each nine-weeks with 100 points.  A student’s conduct grade will decrease as check marks are earned. The student’s conduct grade does not start over at 100 each week. However, progress reports will be sent mid nine-weeks. At this point, the student’s conduct grade will start over at 100. The two grades will be averaged at the end of the nine-weeks for a final grade. Conduct grades will be written in the Tuesday Test Folder. Please be aware that students who have earned a 69 or below in conduct may not be allowed to go on field trips.


Posted in classroom with consequences:


Classroom Rules:

1. I will come to class prepared each day. (-5 points)

2. I will return any parent-teacher correspondence on time. (-5 points)

3. I will treat all school personnel and my fellow classmates the way I would like to be              treated.  (-5 points)

4. I will respect others right to learn. (-5 points)



  • Rules 1 - 4: -5 points each
  • Class II offences(refer to the ECBOE handbook): - up to 15 points
  • Suspension/Fighting: - up to 25 points



    Check Mark Guidelines:

  • 90-100 (A):  1 mark= warning, 2 marks= 5 min off break               

  • 80-89 (B):  3 marks= 10 min off break, 4 marks= 15 min/paragraph 2x & signed

  • 79-70 (C): 5 marks= No break/paragraph 3x & signed, 6 marks= Same as 5/ parent conf.

  • 69- or below (D/F): 7 marks or greater- Same as 5/ office visit (Possible: PE suspension, In-School Suspension, Corporal Punishment, Out of School Suspension)

  •  Parent Contact and/or Office Visits will be at teacher’s discretion.
  • No field trip at 75/C or below


Positive Reinforcement:

  • Friday Break Time
  • Mid- Term & End of the Semester Good Behavior Celebration- 2 marks or less to participate