Name:Heather Allen
Subject:Reading, Spelling, Math, Science
Grade: 5th
Undergraduate: Samford University (elem. ed./earlychildhood)
Graduate:University of Alabama (elem. ed.)
Jacksonville University (admin.)
Teaching Experience: 
1994-2002: Jefferson County(5th gr./ 3rd gr.)
2002-2005: Hoover City (4th grade)
2005-2006:Calhoun County(4th grade)
2006-present:Etowah County (5th grade)

Welcome to 5th Grade! Your child is in for an exciting last year of elementary school!! I can not wait to meet my new group of fantastic fifth graders! I have been teaching for over twenty years, and I absolutely love teaching fifth grade at SES!! I look forward to the year ahead, as well as getting to know you all better throughout the year!