Class Rules & Policies

Fifth Grade Conduct Plan


Each student will begin each nine-weeks with 100 points.  Students’ conduct grade will decrease as check marks are earned.  A mid-term grade and end of 9 weeks grade will be averaged together for a final conduct grade for the 9 weeks.   Parents will be informed of their child's weekly conduct grade in the Tuesday take home folder. 


Posted in classroom with consequences:

Classroom Rules:


1.     I will come to class prepared each day.


2.     I will return any parent-teacher correspondence on time.


3.     I will show respect to all school personnel and my fellow classmates.


4.     I will not disrupt my class or any other classes.




·        Rules 1 - 4:                            -5 points each

·        Class II offences:                 -up to 10 points

·        Suspension/Fighting:            - up to 25 points



Check Mark Guidelines: 

90 to 100 (A):                           warning

80-89 (B):                                 Write behavior paragraph & get it signed        
70-79(C):                                  In-Class Isolation and parent contact
69 or below:                              I.S.S. (In-School Suspension) and/or Corporal
                                                Punishment/Send Home


* Parent Contact and/or Office Visits will be at teacher’s discretion


Positive Reinforcement:

·        School-wide all A’s good conduct recognition each nine weeks

·        Visit to the “Treat Box” , Break on Friday, Special Treat, etc.