Class Rules and Policies

Fifth Grade Conduct Plan:  2020-2021 School Year


Posted in classroom with consequences:

Classroom Rules:

 1.  I will come to class prepared each day.
 2.  I will return any parent-teacher correspondence on time.  
 3.  I will treat others kindly
 4.  I will respect others right to learn


  • Rules 1 -4:                                      - 5 points each
  • . Class II offences:                           -10  points
  • Suspension/Fighting:                       -25points


90-100 (A)     Warning
80-89   (B)     Behavior Paragraph to have signed by parent
70-79   (C)     In Class Isolation and Parent Contact
69-Below       In School Suspension and/or Corporal Punishment / Sent Home

Conduct grades begin at 100 points and 5 points will be deducted for each checkmark given.  At midterm conduct grades will start over at 100 points.  At the end of the nine weeks the two conduct grades will be averaged together to get the final nine weeks grade.