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Should you help your child learn new vocabulary words? YES!! Vocabulary is a crucial part of reading comprehension. The more vocabulary words your child knows and understands, the more likely he is to comprehend what he reads. Also, a student’s vocabulary growth is directly linked to her overall school achievement. As your child learns new words, she has access to more information that helps in understanding the world around her.

Vocabulary is also an important part of your child’s reading grade as he gets older. In kindergarten, we introduce and teach vocabulary words, but we do not test on them. In first –fifth grade, your child will be tested on vocabulary, and some of the very same words we teach in kindergarten will be retaught and tested on reading tests! Go ahead and start practicing these words with your child now!

How can you help your child learn new vocabulary words?

Your child needs to hear a word several times before starting to use it. Go over the meaning of new words with your child, use them in a few sentences, and look for opportunities to use the word in context during the week it is being studied- and keep using the word later! Try to relate new words to your child’s personal experiences. 

Using gestures, facial expressions, and actions make words more understandable. It is okay to be silly or dramatic to make learning more real!

These are your child’s vocabulary words for our reading series this year. We have about five words for each week, and there are three weeks in each unit. Happy learning!











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