Meet Mrs. Beck
                                                    The Cat in the Hat
Name:Nina Beck
Subject: Self Contained
Grade: First
 Hello! Welcome to my web site here at Southside Elementary. Thank you for stopping by. I LOVE teaching first grade and especially READING! I really enjoy seeing my boys and girls learning to love and enjoy books! I am a Glencoe High School graduate. I also attended Jacksonville State University where I received my B.S. degree in Education. I am a highly qualified teacher. I taught kindergarten in a private school for 3 years before coming to Southside Elementary. I have been teaching first grade here at Southside  for the last 24 years.

 My husband Kenny and I live in Southside. Both of our children (Rachel and Wes) are Southside High School graduates. I have 3 "GRAND" children. (Nathan, Natalie and Noah) They are the JOY of my life and also attend Southside Elementary. In my spare time, I enjoy visiting and playing with my "GRAND" children. I also spend a lot of my spare time watching and going to movies, shopping, and learning about photography. I love to travel and hope to one day visit Alaska.

It is always a joy at the beginning of each school year to meet and greet new students and their families. I enjoy learning throughout the year about how unique each and every child is. Seeing them grow and learn and celebrating with them with each accomplishment. It is my goal each year that all of my students feel successful!