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16 AR points due by March 5
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The best way to improve reading is to READ!!! Reading practice is an investment in your future learning.
 Helpful Strategy:Build reading endurance by reading for 10 minutes at a time. Whether your student reads on grade level, above grade level,or below grade level they may need to gradually build endurance. Start in small increments of time and slowly buildup to longer times. Many students cannot focus their reading for long periods of time. I have suggested to my students to do several reading blocks with other activities in between. For example,plan 3 ten minute blocks of reading around whatever else they want or need to do such as math homework, studying for a test,completing a chore(s), watching a favorite TV show,supper,or bath. This breaks up the monotony for students who cannot read effectively for 30 minutes straight.When they are ready, they can increase to 15 minute blocks, 20 minute blocks, and more!!!

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