Homework and Reminders

  Homework for the week of :  Nov. 18-22

    (Homework is usually posted for the week, but it is subject to change)
Study vocab. each night (M, Tu, ) --- selection test is Wed. the 20th on "Cricket in Times Square".  Re-read the selection on one of those nights also.  Cold Read is Thurs. 21st for unit 3 week 1

Read AR each night 15-20 minutes--16 points due for 2nd 9 weeks

Mon.---- 6.7
             Wed.----review sheets
             Thurs.----none----test for chapter 6 today
                              Please check and sign homework nightly. 
The classwork pages(color ones) are supposed to be kept in the binder so that you can see what we did in class if you are not sure about any problems on the homework sheet.  It is important for students to correct any problems they miss on homework, so that they will hopefully not make the same mistakes on the test.    

Spelling--------test Wed. unit 3 week 1----  students should have a list of words in binder on the same sheet with vocabulary --they also get practice sheets that have the words on them


Social Studies---study nightly for  chapter 5 test Friday Nov. 22

****any unfinished classwork is to be finished for homework****