Sight Words

     Good readers use multiple strategies to read, including identifying sight words, sounding out words, and using contextual or meaning clues. Sight words (also known as high frequency words) are common words that should be read quickly and accurately. Your child can practice reading these words alone or in sentences, and writing the words also helps students learn them. These sight words will be seen frequently in children's literature, so it helps your child's reading skills to be able to identify these words immediately.

     For most weeks, your child will have one to two sight words to learn. Please reinforce these words at home. These are the words for this school year:

Unit 1:
Week 1: the
Week 2: we
Week 3: see

Unit 2:
Week 1: a
Week 2: like
Week 3: Review

Unit 3:
Week 1: to
Week 2: and
Week 3: go

Unit 4:
Week 1: you
Week 2: do
Week 3: Review

Unit 5:
Week 1: my
Week 2: are
Week 3: he, with

Unit 6:
Week 1: little, is
Week 2: she, was
Week 3: Review

Unit 7:
Week 1: for, have
Week 2: of, they
Week 3: said, want

Unit 8:
Week 1: here, me
Week 2: this, what
Week 3: Review

Unit 9:
Week 1: help, too
Week 2: has, play
Week 3: look, where

Unit 10:
Week 1: good, who
Week 2: come, does
Week 3: Review