PE Rules (1)

Physical Education Rules

1. NO fighting/ hitting someone- Automatic Office Visit

2. NO profanity/ calling names

3. NO Class distractions/ talking-listen and obey
while teacher is instructing

4. NO giving false information

5. NO Destroying PE equipment or littering on                        
school grounds

6. Tennis shoes MUST be worn to PE

7. Obey all teachers rules for games
and activities
8. Participation is required
unless a parent or
Doctor's note is provided
9. NO throwing rocks,
sticks at people or other objects


11. NO Arguing/ boasting or
bragging over a game

12. NO sitting around

13. NO inappropriate behavior

14. NO leaving PE area without
permission-Automatic office visit

15. NO bullying or taunting someone



1. Discipline notice to parent/
Lower PE grade

2. Parent contract

3. Office Visit

4. Parent Conference

5. In-school suspension

6. Out of school suspension                                                            

 "Life is a series of choices. I make the right
choice and I am rewarded.

I make the wrong choice and I pay the consequences.

I am responsible for my own behavior.

I cannot blame others for my actions"

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