Homework Help

   Why  HOMEWORK ??


*Assignments encourage children to take initiative & 

  responsibility for completing tasks.

*Practice reinforces newly learned skills & concepts.

 *Activities relate what is learned in school to   children's lives & help tie school learning
to the real world.

 *Assignments help to serve as informal assessment tools.

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It's  Study  Time


       *Make a study plan & stick to it!
      *Put your schedule by your                     desk as a reminder.
       *Keep everything in one place-

         books, pencils, paper rulers...

         *Study at the same place                      everyday!

       *Short, daily study is better than
         l-o-n-g sessions!

       *Every 30 minutes take a                      5-minute break from studying!!

       *Plan your break -

         reward yourself with something          fun or yummy.

       *Study in unusual places -
            the bus, a car ---
anywhere &               everywhere!

       *Quit while you're ahead  & 
            go to bed on time!