Third Grade Rocks!!!
I look forward to a great year!

I am so thrilled to start another school year!  Third grade is always considered a difficult year, but I promise to help you learn to study and become organized as you blossom this year!  Students will receive a homework chart each Monday so that parents can see what we are studying and what to study.  This will be your first year to have reading, social studies and science vocabulary!  Your science and social studies tests will be mainly on your vocabulary words.  Begin to study them as soon as you get them!  Read AR nightly and take tests as soon as you finish the book!  It's going to be a great year!
Website to Practice Multiplication Facts

  It has been such a wonderful year!  As we progress through science, math and reading I know that you can see your child growing educationally.  What a joy it is to be your child's teacher!  The children are all maturing and and mastering so many new skills.  Yes, keep studying those math facts.  I will continue to test the facts throughout the end of the year.  Reading comprehension skills are improving steadily.  I know those cold read tests are difficult, but look at how your child is progressing!   Please continue to check the homework chart daily.  A new one is given every Monday.  Check for test dates and important information.  Thank you for all you do when working with your child.  It really pays off!